Capstone Thesis Profiles


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Nic Zenker, 2017-2018

Alternate Material Investigation

Taylor Johnson, 2016-2017

Analyzing a Novel Therapy for CDKL5

Daniel Hogan, 2017-2018

Commercializing AR & MR

Shifei (Faye) Wang, 2017-2018

Designing Endoscope Guides

Paul Goebel, 2016-2017

Digital Phenotyping Data Collection

Cian O'Donnell, 2017-2018

Digitization of Laws from African Countries

Anselme Mucunguzi, 2017-2018

Early-Stage Tumor Diagnostic

William "Cole" Cravath, 2016-2017

eHealth Notifitcation System Using RFID

Matthew Hansen, 2014-2015

Energy Center of South Bend

Andrew DeSantis, 2017-2018

Integrative Concussion Analytics (ICA)

Davis DeFontes, 2016-2017

Lap Poole Suction Catheter

Abbey Santanello, 2015-2016

Patient Specific Airway Stents

Katherine Bussey, 2015-2016

Point of Sale Innovative Solutions

Karl de Zoeten, 2016-2017

Serim Pinnacle

Brendan Hughes, 2016-2017

Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries

Barrett Nelson, 2017-2018

Start-Up Business Development

Ryan Gross, 2017-2018

Synapse: Cognitive File Management

Matthew Brooks, 2016-2017

The Paper Analytical Device Project

Ralph Hayyat, 2016-2017


Sam Krause, 2017-2018

ZSI-Foster's European Invasion

Brad Wattleworth, 2017-2018