Capstone Project Profiles


Acres Machinery

Ellen Joyce, 2019-2020

AddEvent (SendUpdate)

Nic Zenker, 2017-2018

Alternate Material Investigation

Taylor Johnson, 2016-2017

Analyzing a Novel Therapy for CDKL5

Daniel Hogan, 2017-2018

Animated Language Learning (ALL)

Kyle Sommerfield, 2019-2020

ASA Electronics

Brian Scott, 2018-2019

Avanade - Enterprise Data Strategy

Conor Lynch, 2019-2020

BI Incorporated - Gamification

Ben Stachowski, 2019-2020

Biofeedback for rehabilitation

Jeff Riney, 2019-2020

Booz Allen - Electronic Crust

Sam Pasmann, 2019-2020

Breathe Fitness Program

Christina Lacamu, 2018-2019

Care Oncology North America

Chuck Meakin, 2019-2020

Clyne Electrophysiology

Anthony Plochocki, 2019-2020

Commercializing AR & MR

Shifei (Faye) Wang, 2017-2018

Designing Endoscope Guides

Paul Goebel, 2016-2017

Digital Phenotyping Data Collection

Cian O'Donnell, 2017-2018

Digitization of Laws from African Countries

Anselme Mucunguzi, 2017-2018

Drug delivery via affinity homing

José Carlos Wharton Soto, 2018-2019

Early-Stage Tumor Diagnostic

William "Cole" Cravath, 2016-2017

eHealth Notifitcation System Using RFID

Matthew Hansen, 2014-2015

Energy Center of South Bend

Andrew DeSantis, 2017-2018

ESG Impact Investment Analysis

Maggie Burlingame, 2018-2019

Event Registration

Livingstone Masango, 2019-2020


Ryan Bliss, 2019-2020

Flared Crack Protection Device

Paul Bickel, 2018-2019

Footprint Workflow Management

Joseph Dooling, 2019-2020

Future Ready AI

Julia Heseltine, 2019-2020


Christopher Beaufils, 2018-2019

Harrisburg Literacy Project

Madeline Wiegel, 2018-2019

Helping Scale AI/Data Science

Will Gillach, 2019-2020

iDentalSoft Billing Services

Jake Mound, 2019-2020

Impairment Detection

Abby Pavlik, 2019-2020

Integrative Concussion Analytics (ICA)

Davis DeFontes, 2016-2017

Lap Poole Suction Catheter

Abbey Santanello, 2015-2016

Lead Testing

Katie Shannon, 2019-2020

Liberty Source

Travis Hotchkiss, 2019-2020

Lippert Components - Blockchain

Chuck Rioux, 2019-2020

Lumen Bio LLC

Julie Doran, 2019-2020


Kaitlin Gawkins, 2019-2020

Mooch - Food Sharing Platform

Darragh Meaney, 2018-2019

Mosaic Membranes

Anand Shah, 2018-2019

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Jessica Coffin, 2019-2020

Neonatal Nutrition Ecosystem

Michelle Feely, 2019-2020

OneParish/JS Paluch

Daniel Gizachew, 2018-2019

Optical Spectroscopy Device

Patrick Obrochta, 2018-2019

Otter Therapies

Kalyn McDermott, 2019-2020

Patient Specific Airway Stents

Katherine Bussey, 2015-2016

Point of Sale Innovative Solutions

Karl de Zoeten, 2016-2017

Pompe Disease - Amicus Therapeutics

Evan Cannon, 2019-2020

Project Z-Bike

Whitney Bouey, 2018-2019


Melissa Serrano, 2019-2020

PwC-Responsible AI

Sally Lin, 2019-2020

PWR Training

Allison Berding, 2019-2020

Ratio Exchange

Jagger Scholz, 2018-2019

Realtime Analytics

Namrata Borah, 2019-2020

Rechargeable Micra

Becky Temple, 2019-2020

Serim Pinnacle

Brendan Hughes, 2016-2017

Size Reduction for Cannabis Products

Ashwin Bhadury, 2019-2020

Sloan Valve - Connected Solutions

Niamh Collins, 2019-2020

Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries

Barrett Nelson, 2017-2018

Sports Fan Engagement

Tara Deehan, 2019-2020

SRAM RedKiss Bicycle Computer

Nick Wilt, 2019-2020


Sam Cowdery, 2019-2020

Start-Up Business Development

Ryan Gross, 2017-2018

Synapse: Cognitive File Management

Matthew Brooks, 2016-2017

Text Analytics

Audrey Shannon, 2019-2020

The Paper Analytical Device Project

Ralph Hayyat, 2016-2017

Thermoelectric Materials

Caitlyn Ward, 2019-2020


Sam Krause, 2017-2018


Nate Sarabia, 2019-2020

Turbine in a Box

LaShantay Walls, 2019-2020

UL - Drones

Sarah Schmidt, 2019-2020

Workforce of the Future- AI Ops

Abigail O'Loughlin, 2019-2020

Workplace of the future

Susie Lira-Gonzalez, 2018-2019

ZSI-Foster's European Invasion

Brad Wattleworth, 2017-2018