Market Analysis for the POD Data Center System

Student: Ethan Sauer, 2016-2017

Sponsor: The HR Company and Global Access Point, Dublin, Ireland and South Bend, IN

As cloud services and big data continue to play larger and larger roles in business’ operations and analytics, increasing levels of performance are demanded from the data center infrastructure which supports them. These demands are not only in the form of more computing power, but also in increased network connectivity and direct network services provided to corporations. This presents a serious problem for businesses in geographical regions which currently have no access to data centers with fibre optic cable connections, severely limiting their ability to keep pace with better-connected competitors. Global Access Point (GAP) has developed a data center solution which addresses these needs. The “pod” system is a cost effective, highly efficient (1.2 PUE), and scalable data center suite incorporating innovative patented technologies to produce a high speed and low maintenance user experience. GAP hopes to bring this system to the businesses who need it, connecting them to their high performance fiber optic network across the Midwest and boosting their capabilities to previously impossible levels.