Helping Scale AI/Data Science

Student: Will Gillach, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Avanade, Seattle, WA

The aim of this project is to aid Avanade in their continual effort to be the go to partner for companies trying to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data science with Microsoft. In other words, companies often use Microsoft products to implement AI and data science into their business and Avanade strives to be the main partner in helping this transition.

The benefits of AI and data science are well known throughout global markets and products exist that allow companies to use AI and data science. However, companies often struggle to translate these concepts into actionable business results. Avanade offers solutions that build on AI/data science technology, and help companies achieve positive business results.

Through this project we will examine how Avanade can best position itself as the go to partner for scaling AI and data science to achieve actionable business results.