Mentor Funding, LLC: Providing an Enhanced Education Financing Solution

Student: Christopher Broecker, 2016-2017

Sponsor: Carl Gebo, Robert Lee

As recent as mid-July 2016, the total outstanding student loan deficit exceeded $1.2 trillion with 43.3 million Americans tied to some form of student loans. Traditionally, loans are provided to students through various federal and private lending institutions. Beginning in 2012, alternative outlets for college education funding have emerged in the form of technology-enabled, internet-based portals that have begun to challenge these traditional lending powers. These peer-to-peer lending platforms grant both the investors and borrowers much more freedom when it comes to creating loans, as well as significantly lower interest rates. Mentor Funding, LLC will utilize this peer-to-peer platform and develop an internet-based portal that will provide an enhanced education financing solution for the Notre Dame community. This portal will generate real benefits for the Notre Dame Family not only as lenders and borrowers, but also as mentors and protégés. Our goal is to connect borrowers to a network of Notre Dame Alumni that are interested in and literally invested in their success and future, providing not only the necessary funding but also sound career and financial advice.