PE Graphene

Student: Christopher Carangelo, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Professor Tengfei Luo, University of Notre Dame

Professor Tengfei Luo and his colleagues have developed a nano composite film using polyethylene (PE) and thermally reduced graphene (TrGO). This film is made using already existing manufacturing techniques and its mechanical properties rivals some of the best strength polymers fibers known. This new material would lower the cost of manufacture and increase the quality of products in many industries especially automotive, aerospace, and sports equipment. PE Graphene costs less than $5/lb meanwhile many other materials of comparable strength cost $+20/lb. My role in this project is to familiarize myself with the advanced materials market and identify potential funding sources to advance the commercialization of this material. By the end of the program I will have developed a competitive landscape assessment as well as thorough cost analysis for PE Graphene. With this knowledge I hope to help acquire funding, and direct Professor Luo towards either licensing this technology to a partner or creating a startup.