Size Reduction for Cannabis Products

Student: Ashwin Bhadury, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Urschel Laboratories , Chesterton, IN

Urschel Laboratories’ Comitrol series of food processing equipment is capable of producing various types and degrees of cuts that can produce anything from diced ham to grated Parmesan, even slurries. It is this system that we hope to utilize to process the raw cannabis product into a variety of treatments. The current product testing schedule includes but isn’t limited to raw hemp size reduction, flower reduction for smoke-able products, and oil production in a slurry format. My time at Urschel will be spent reviewing the market, identifying key players on both the supply side and distribution side. From there, I will work to create a network of contacts that Urschel can leverage to enter the industry. On the technical side, I will also be working with existing Urschel equipment and test results to reduce overhead costs as well as R&D time spent adapting their current solutions to user needs.