Strategic Development and Market Analysis of Single Cell BioAnalytic Technology for Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

Student: Claire Kleinschmidt, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, Indianapolis, IN

Current bioanalytic procedures are unable to detect deep tissue diseases, slowing the development of personalized diagnostic and therapeutic technology and ultimately lowering health outcomes. With the advance of Single Cell BioAnalytics, lab assays no longer rely on the average activity of large populations of cells, but instead sample from the unique metabolic activity and interactivity of a single cell. Breakthrough technologies in microfluidics and nanoparticles allow non-surgical access to deep tissue cells and provide the information needed to develop personalized therapeutics, redefining metabolic disease detection, monitoring, and treatment. The purpose of this thesis is to determine the most viable technology application and market for this developing diagnostic package. In order to construct a viable business model, the current challenges and opportunities present within the single cell sector will be identified as well as the potential value this technology will offer to key stakeholders in the identified market.