DiagenomiX - Molecular Diagnostics for Colorectal Cancer

Student: Farai Musariri, 2019-2020

Sponsor: DiagenomiX, Notre Dame, IN

Heterogeneity between treatment response and disease process in cancer biology, even in the same cancer type, has necessitated a paradigm shift in cancer care and orchestrated the development of personalized cancer diagnostic and treatment options. DiagenomiX has developed a molecular diagnostic tool, ColotypeR™, that aims to improve the outcomes of colorectal cancer patients, the third most leading cause of cancer deaths among both men and women in the US. ColotypeR™ is based on a unique, patented algorithm that focuses on a 45 gene segment on colon cancer tissue samples to classify a patient's cancer into 4 consensus molecular subtypes (CMS1-4) which offer greater diagnostic and prognostic value to clinicians than all currently utilized clinical staging and genetic panels. DiagenomiX is set to revolutionize the colorectal cancer space by providing means for clinicians to effectively and holistically personalize a patient’s treatment plan, reduce the costs and time associated with cancer care, and ultimately reduce the colorectal cancer mortality rate.