Hollister Flexible Manufacturing

Student: Anthony Esplin, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Hollister Inc., Libertyville, IL

Hollister Inc. has a pouching system that caters to ostomy patients. The system goes over the stoma of patients. Every stoma is a different size. The swelling after the surgery changes the site of application for the pouching system. When the patients heal after several weeks the swelling is reduced and may require a different sized pouch. The fit of the pouching system affects the wellbeing of the patient. The better the fit the less complications patients face. In order to keep up with changing sizes and unique shapes from surgery for patients, Hollister has to create multiple versions of their products. Many of the products created in manufacturing are only used a couple of times. With only a couple uses, the organization can be a managerial headache. This project will look at flexible manufacturing techniques. Flexible manufacturing allows for efficacy and scale ability of custom products. Scaling custom products creates a better fit for patients and makes manufacturing more straightforward for Hollister Inc.