Serim Research: Food Safety and Sanitation

Student: Nancy Nguyen, 2016-2017

Sponsor: Serim Diagnostics, Elkhart, IN

Sanitation is important to the food manufacturing process in preventing food borne illnesses. There are a number of state and federal regulations to assure that food industries are competently cleaning their production equipment. Food industries currently have little resources for an efficient method that accurately measures the production equipment’s cleanliness. They do not have a way to store the data that has been collected. Serim Research proposes a solution by creating test strips that complements a storage app. Their test strips measure the level of sanitation in a cleaning agent by determining the level of chlorine using a scale of 0 – 300 ppm. The test strip is then scanned by an app that determines whether it has passed or failed based on previously set parameters. The recorded data is stored in a database, which can be accessed through an electronic device with iOS capabilities. The results can be organized by region and also by areas within the region, which can be extremely useful for corporations with more than one location. Serim’s new product solves a lot of issues within the food manufacturing process by sustaining sanitary levels, creating easy accessibility to stored data for inspections, and employing genuine care for the customers’ health.