AI-powered financial analysis & investment insights

Student: Conor Brady, 2019-2020

With the investment market getting ever increasingly more competitive, firms are adopting new technologies to give them an edge in the market. Two main investments in technology have been identified to improve the productivity of deal sourcing and investment predictions. Firstly, by applying Natural Language Processing sentiment technology, multiple different financial documents such as SEC Filings, end of year financial statements and third party financial reports can be quickly and effectively analyzed to extract quantitative and qualitative data. Methods include summarization of lengthy documents, conversion of unstructured data to structured data and timeline construction. By doing this, firms can automate the task of mining large sources of data from news sites, press releases using document classification and named entity recognition. Predictive analytics is then applied to these findings and used to give investment insights based on industry trends and market fluctuations. All relevant findings will be presented in custom dashboards based on filter mechanisms used by customers.