Novel Water Based Wound Treatment Device

Student: Carlos Gonzalez, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Sloan Valve, Franklin Park, IL

In 2016, there were an estimated 170 million people afflicted by a skin ulcer, burn, or a surgical or trauma wound worldwide. These wounds are most commonly found in our aging populations with slowed immune responses and poor blood circulation. In time, these wounds can easily develop into chronic wounds due to increased prevalence of comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes. Chronic wounds tend to become infected with antimicrobial resistant biofilms which slows down the healing process further and can result in amputation. Sloan Water Technologies, Ltd. has developed a solely water-based wound cleansing device aimed at increasing the rate of healing without the use of antibiotics. Sloan Water Technologies needs a business, education, and adoption plan as well as a go-to-market strategy for the United Kingdom healthcare market. With this product in the hands of healthcare providers, the quality and longevity of life will be improved for many across the world.