Analysis and Effects of Developing an Energy Fund for Inovateus Solar

Student: Valeria Gonzalez, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Inovateus Solar, South Bend, IN

As Inovateus Solar LLC has grown from a regional startup in 2008 to a leading national solar energy developer, access to project capital has become the company’s greatest challenge. Currently, Inovateus Solar utilizes capital from outside firms who eventually take control over the projects. The time has come to analyze the venture of creating a fund to be the direct point of contact between capital resources and the energy projects. Such a move will provide Inovateus Solar an opportunity to gain higher margins and diversify their holdings through partial ownerships of projects. The Capstone Thesis will involve a considerable amount of research as to what competitors who provide project capital along with other project services in the solar industry to determine how Inovateus Solar differentiates itself. An analysis of the market through financials, market research, customer validation and other analysis will be used to construct an energy fund business plan for potential fund investors and partners.