Countering Influence Operations in Gray Zone Warfare

Student: Emily Link Carrillo, 2018-2019

Sponsor: Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA

In conjunction with Booz Allen Hamilton I will be looking into potential technology that can be marketed and sold to Booz Allen clients to examine and identify the threats and vulnerabilities information operations and information warfare (IO/IW) pose. IO/IW is sometimes referred to as “Gray Zone” warfare and encompasses disinformation campaigns, cyber warfare, political interference, and other non-kinetic actions against the state. I will be researching case studies looking into the reactions and tactics used by other states in response to gray zone warfare. In addition, to looking at case studies I will be researching current US government policy surrounding gray zone warfare acts and I will be conducting interviews of experts in the field including military, Booz Allen, and government officials. Once I have identified a technology and the environment and market this technology targets, I will focus on a financial and business model for Booz Allen to market to its clients.