Business Case Analysis for the Adoption of Core Cloud-based Services

Student: Stephen Ennis, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Trek10, South Bend, IN

This project seeks to investigate and detail business cases for several core cloud services. This project concerns itself with the more fundamental platforms within the product lines of leading cloud service providers. Trek10’s goal is to provide optimal “man in the middle” services and consulting for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This project serves that goal in isolating AWS and competing products with high business value potential, quantifying their utility and providing a comparison with competing products. Developing on this goal, this project proceeds to develop strategies for the identification, acquisition and service of potential Trek10 customers. Also included in the scope of the project are detailed technology usage cases for numerous business cases, the investigation of appropriate licensing and intellectual property arrangements. The later stages of the project seek to investigate commercialization strategies for developed solutions and outline appropriate future work.