Validating the Bio Environmental Market for Light Transmission Spectroscopy Nanotechnology

Student: Roy Saikali, 2016-2017

Sponsor: LightSprite, South Bend, IN

LightSprite is a company that utilizes light transmission spectroscopy to produce a top of the line nanoparticle characterization system. LTS provides a highly accurate, sensitive, and real time analysis of nanoparticles in a solution. Compared to other spectroscopy methods, LTS is much faster and portable, while not having to sacrifice the innate sensitivity that sets it apart from other methods. Through the combination of these characteristics, LightSprite has produced a product that is applicable in several markets. The company is unique in that it has a solution, and it’s now focusing on tackling a specific problem. My goal for the thesis is to validate the bioenvironmental market for LTS and see what competitors are out there for this technology. While the spectroscopy method being used is new in its field, seeing how it compares to old methods will be crucial for the product going forward. As the technology is fully covered by US patents, showing how LightSprite’s product improves on old techniques is important.