Student: Sam Krause, 2017-2018

Sponsor: KSM Technology Partners LLC, Audobon, PA

Toffee is a web application testing tool that allows non-developers to create and manage automated tests. Toffee can test any application that can be reached through a browser whether it is on the internet or a company's intranet. Users type test commands as basic as "click the log in button" and the computer does all of the testing. If a user ever wants to include a manual test that they perform themselves, Toffee allows the manual tests to be incorporated directly into the automated tests. When Toffee finishes executed the tests, it produces an easy to read test report that states exactly what test steps passed and which failed. KSM Technology Partners LLC wants to find out who is the best initial customer for this tool and how the market can be expanded beyond them, and that is what my thesis will cover.