Footprint Workflow Management

Student: Joseph Dooling, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Footprint Workflow Management, Belfast, Ireland

Footprint Workflow Management offers a mobile data capturing tool that allows companies to make their business processes more efficient. Footprint allows companies to replace costly, inefficient, paper-based processes thereby lowering costs and improving productivity. The Footprint solution is valuable because it is incredibly flexible and can be readily adapted to the needs of any industry or business. The Footprint data capturing tool is currently used effectively in the facilities management and service industries and Footprint has just developed a server-based management solution. This server-based management solution will allow businesses to better manage live information that their team is gathering from the field. Footprint is looking to capitalize on the flexibility of its solution by improving upon their current products to better serve new, high-value customers, while continuously adding value to their current users. Footprint is also working on perfecting a development plan and exploring how their products can be targeted most effectively in the market.