Develop Business Case for Process Optimization Data-Centre in Ireland and Europe

Student: Nessan Harpur, 2016-2017

Sponsor: The HR Company and Global Access Point, Dublin, Ireland and South Bend, IN

Data centers facilitate the transmission and receiving of data and are becoming a crucial pillar in global digital infrastructure. Key economic issues faced by data centers revolve around the cooling of machinery and reducing maintenance costs for clients and suppliers. Currently, an industry price ratio exists between power and cooling at 1:1. There are currently 8.6 million data centers in the world, with billions of dollars spent cooling machinery annually. Global Access Point (GAP) offers a solution to reduce this expenditure on cooling. This solution is a Process Optimized Data-center (POD), a proprietary solution developed by GAP. The POD is installed in close proximity to industry with heated water needs, e.g. a hospital. The POD delivers computing power to this hospital, the hospital will pump chilled water to circulate within the POD, collecting heat from the machines and then delivering heated water to the hospital. The aim of GAP is to deploy this system in Ireland. To achieve this, a strategic partnership has been forged with the HR company, a HR solution provider to 1000’s of businesses in Ireland. Leveraging the network of the HR company is essential to the development of the business case for deployment of the POD technology in Ireland.