Pandemic Control via TIRF Biosensor Technology

Student: Tony Molinaro, 2018-2019

Sponsor: Tengfei Luo, Notre Dame, IN

Professors Luo and Chang’s Labs have developed a highly-sensitive, versatile, low-cost microarray based biosensor with the capacity to excite and detect up to 10,000 targets within 15-minutes. This technology seeks to fill the market need for low-cost, high sensitivity point-of-care diagnosis devices. Due to global health market trends towards diagnosis and prevention and the emergence of medical biosensors, hospitals and other point of care facilities have been identified as the beachhead customer. The unique value proposition of this biosensor differentiates itself from the multiplexed PCRs and microarrays currently used for molecular diagnosis. The intellectual property involved with this device is compared it with both direct and indirect competitors. Financial forecasting models for the viability of this product will be constructed and a launch strategy for this technology will be developed.