Data as an Asset

Student: Jessica Bianchi, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Shields Health Solutions, Stoughton, MA

Data is the most valuable asset any company can have; it provides insights, drives innovation, and powers decision making. When data is not properly organized, the insights hidden within it are not always obvious and, oftentimes, not discovered. Shields Health Solutions is a specialty pharmacy integrator, a company that creates and manages these pharmacies in hospitals across the country. As such, Shields has collected clinical and pharmaceutical information from hundreds of hospitals to create the largest collection of data in the specialty pharmacy industry. This data; however, is separated into over 20 different data sources at hundreds of distinct hospitals. This capstone project will focus on the construction of a data warehouse encompassing over 40 years of patient medical information that Shields Health Solutions has collected. After assembling this warehouse, the data will then be packaged for both analytics and commercialization. When complete, this data warehouse will offer Shields and its associated hospitals insights that will change both the specialty pharmacy industry and the lives of the patients who use it.