Realtime Analytics

Student: Namrata Borah, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Joulica, Galway, Ireland

Whilst the traditional Business Intelligence market offers users a variety of well-established solutions for batch-oriented data analytics problems, solutions which provide the same level of features for the analysis of streaming data are not yet available. The solution that Joulica has created solves this problem for the Contact Center market by proving sub-second level analytical insights into globally distributed customer service departments. It also allows users to tap into real-time event streams and generate customized actionable analytics that can be integrated into automated workflows and/or visualized. This capability is provided to both technical and Business users. Compared to typical analytics solutions deployed in large Enterprises, where the data can be a day (or in most cases much longer) out of date, Joulica’s solution provides immediate insights. The project deliverables are- Market analysis and competitor identification, Customer segmentation analysis that identifies high value customers and Product roadmap that outlines high value features the Joulica solution must provide to compete and win in these markets.