Commercialization of the "OtoCon," an Otoscopic Cone Attachment for Rigid Endoscope

Student: Margaret Mraz, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Prof. Matthew Leevy, Biological Sciences, Notre Dame, IN

The "OtoCon" is a 3D printed otoscopic cone attachment for a rigid endoscope that transforms this instrument into one that can be employed for ear canal examinations. The current animal otoscope is from technology required for examination of a human's ear, and thus is not favorable for the anatomy of a dog's ear. This otoscopic cone provides better protection of the inner ear and increases the degrees of freedom allowing for improved examination and visualization. The OtoCon will also ensure better protection of the operator and reduced anxiety in the animal due to the increased distance between the ear of the dog and eyepiece for the operator. Additionally, the otoscopic cone attachment will reduce the need of an additional otoscope in veterinary practice. This thesis is centered on commercialization of this otoscopic cone attachment through customer interviews and market research.