Developing a solution for low-risk individuals in community corrections

Student: Ambrose Kamya, 2021-2022

Sponsor: BI Incorporated, Boulder, CO

The objective of community corrections supervision is to monitor program participant compliance with the terms of their management and aid in their rehabilitation for successful program completion and reduction of re-offending. A shortcoming with the products and services offered to facilitate the monitoring process is the lack of a solution for people with a low risk of re-offending. While assessment tools are effective at identifying risk levels, there exists a void between passive supervision (phone calls and voice verification), requiring only minimal contact with the probation or parole office, and more intensive management provided by radio frequency presence/absence or GPS (Global Positioning System)-based monitoring especially for low-risk individuals. Low-risk individuals, therefore, end up being monitored using these very restrictive and obtrusive radio frequencies and GPS ankle monitors. There is a well-known stigma attached to the wearing of ankle monitors. And on their own, the devices do little to modify a person’s behavior positively. Therefore, this project will develop a monitoring solution for low-risk individuals on community supervision that is not stigmatizing and promotes positive behavior for successful and less costly program completion.