Affiliate Partnerships

Student: Eric Ulchaker, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Million Marker, Berkeley, California

Million Marker, a health-tech startup out of Berkeley, California, explains they are, “the first and only company that makes it easy for everyone to learn about their toxic chemical exposure, and provides scientific and actionable solutions to minimize future exposure. Their vision is to discover over a Million Markers to inform and improve individual health and advance precision medicine.” They are able to do this through a test they innovated and an application they developed. Working with Million Marker, my goal is to standardize the process for bringing on future affiliate relations. This will be done by creating an affiliate relations manual, affiliate electronic press kit, affiliate contact point templates, and affiliate relations training modules for each future affiliate partner. The affiliate relations manual will detail future affiliate partners and how they should be acquired. The affiliate electronic press kit will be information and documents, created for affiliate partners that provide information about Million Marker including marketing assets to promote Million Marker products and services. The affiliate contact point templates will standardize engagements and contact of select affiliate partners. As for the affiliate relations training process, these will be training modules and documents for future engagement with potential affiliate partners.