Viability of integrating neuromodulation into novel gait training technology for individuals with neurodeficits

Student: Leanne Tang, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Enlighten Mobility, South Bend, IN

This project will analyze the current technology landscape and integrate technical advancements to provide a solution that delivers neuromodulated gait training to individuals with neurodeficits. This will be done by exploring the viability of integrating a neuro-stimulating technology into the mechanics of the Enlight Walker, a customized rehabilitation device developed by Enlightened Mobility. The Enlight Walker facilitates a healthy gait pattern, and enables weight bearing and muscle activation. This integration would provide the opportunity for individuals with unilateral and bilateral neural deficiencies to practice locomotor training autonomously while maximizing neural recovery. Additionally, market analysis and a launch strategy will be conducted to provide a comprehensive analysis of the beachhead and follow on markets, technology and patent landscape, and the viability of product implementation.