Optical Spectroscopy Device

Student: Patrick Obrochta, 2018-2019

Sponsor: Thomas O'Sullivan, Notre Dame, IN

This project aims to find a solution to reduce the impact of breast cancer using diffuse optical spectroscopy imaging (DOSI). DOSI is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses near infrared light to assess tissue density, oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin levels, and water and lipid concentration within one centimeter of tissue. Previous research has shown applications in assessing breast cancer biomarkers as well as monitoring chemotherapy treatment progression. Future applications could include tumor assessment in other specified regions, or monitoring adipose tissue during weight fluctuations. Although the technique has been documented for over a decade, research at the University of Notre Dame intends to create a handheld device to allow for more accessibility. The goal is to conduct market research to de-risk this technology, validate its need in different markets, and determine a launch strategy to ensure commercial success.