3D-Printed Training Models For The Sales and Training of Cutting Edge Medical Equipment

Student: Evan Doney, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Prof. Matthew Leevy, Biological Sciences, Notre Dame, IN

Each year, $3 billion is spent on the sales and marketing of medical devices. Sales of new medical devices are particularly expensive due to the reluctance of doctors to change procedures, lack of clinical studies and poor training of surgeons that leads to a belief that the new devices are sub-par or difficult to use. Biomedical Constructs (BMC) builds custom 3D-printed sales and training models for sales of new medical devices. These models are created directly from CT scans of actual patients, and mimic the texture and material properties of real human anatomy. The exact anatomy of BMC models empowers sales staff of medical device manufacturers to clearly communicate how their new devices work, and what advantages they have over older devices. BMC training and sales models will increase market penetration for new medical devices, bringing cutting edge care to patients faster and aiding medical device innovators in recouping their investments in new products faster. BMC models can be used in every facet of the medical device pipeline to communicate value at every stage of the process.