Novel AC Electrospray Emulsion for Droplet Generation


Sponsor: Chang Research Group; Prof. Satyajyoti Senapati, Engineering, Notre Dame, IN

Professor Senapati and the research group have engineered a novel platform to generate nano and micro-droplets directly into a continuous phase. This technology utilizes an AC electrospray at a conic orifice that allows droplet generation to overcome traditional hindrances. As a successful droplet generation technique for emulsion and digital PCR, this technology further improves the workflow of droplet digital PCR. Existing ddPCR platforms, used by researchers and clinicians for a variety of applications, are limited by their dynamic range, throughput, and absolute quantification. This platform offers high-throughput generation, greater sensitivity by allowing for control over the size of droplet partitions, a higher dynamic range, and a higher single molecule accuracy. This project will investigate potential markets for the droplet generation technology, initially targeting clinical and research laboratories. Other potential domains may include, but are not limited to, pharmaceutical encapsulation, cosmetics, and food