The Bioplastic Market Opportunity

Student: Teayanna Leytham, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Dairy Management Inc., Rosemont, IL

Our team is focused on a mission to build the leading circular economy by 2030 for the dairy industry. Part of that is determining how the dairy industry can cut its own environmental footprint and contribute to better people and planetary health. Another part of that involves examining how dairy could be a solution for other industries that also have the aforementioned goals in lowering their environmental footprint for overall improvement of health. Dairy Management Inc. would like to understand how dairy milk and dairy byproducts (e.g.manure or farm waste) could be a solution for the food and beverage industry to “go green” and for other industries that use plastics from CPG at large, to Ecommerce, to others. The project will aim to determine which, if any, bioplastics made from dairy products or waste streams can be used to help dairy move into a circular economy. If a solution from dairy cannot be found, which other materials could provide a solution?