Re-imagining End-user support services

Student: Joshua Nduwamungu, 2020-2021

Sponsor: CompuCom, Louisville, KY and Charlotte, NC

In an undeniably, progressively, technology-dependent business environment, guaranteeing that employees have secure, uninterrupted, and seamless access to the technology they need is critical. At a point when this isn’t the situation, per say the ongoing pandemic, it’s imperative that end-users get a first-class technology support experience. Technology innovation, workforce generational dynamics, and increasingly distributed workforces create challenges and opportunities. The current enterprise user support models have tended to be focused around providing support to users at office/campus locations. The ongoing pandemic will accelerate a permanent increment in distributed and virtual workforces challenging the ability to provide a robust support experience that allows a user to seamlessly transverse across support channels. Additionally, in spite of continued interaction innovations, enterprise technology support will in general be provided via in-person or voice-supported means. Given changing generational preferences and the potential to digitally transform the support experience, the goal of this project will be to re-imagine how to provide a first-class experience connecting employees to the technology they require to be productive.