Nanosynth Materials and Sensors’ Point-of-care Screening Device for Myocardial Infarction

Student: Weston Terrasse, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Nanosyth Materials and Sensors, Salt Lake City, UT

Nanosynth Materials and Sensors has developed a point-of-care screening platform that utilizes a unique nanotechnology-based sensor with real-time disease diagnosis capabilities. The sensor utilizes titanium dioxide nanotube technology that detects biomarkers in a patient sample and can produce a screening result very quickly. The device is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive to produce, and highly portable and simple to use. While the sensor already has a well-established application with tuberculosis (primarily used in underdeveloped areas) this specific project will focus on another application for the technology, myocardial infarction (MI). The MI application is somewhat established and currently used in practice, but requires further validation. The thesis will focus on how the technology developed by Nanosynth would fit in with other related technology on the market, as well as analyzing and determining if a point-of-care sensor that screens for MI would have a viable commercialization plan outside of the clinic.