Incorporation of Limitless Nutraceuticals in Vending Machine Beverages

Student: Miko Malabute, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Ideators LLC, West Palm Beach, FL

The project aims to investigate the vending machine market in North America (while also looking at markets outside the U.S., specifically Japan) by utilizing nutraceuticals — in liquid or water-soluble powder forms. Ideators is determined that there is no limitation with respect to the type of beverage dispensed nor the form of supplement. The supplement aims to also maintain the taste profile of a given beverage to no detriment to degree of taste: same flavor, with more benefits. Ideally, this project will reach out to customers who are unable, for various reasons, to access and/or utilize the proper nutrients to maintain a healthy diet, and will offer them the opportunity to make healthier decisions on what they ingest without having to choose between accessibility, convenience or change of flavor from their traditional beverage choice.