Student: Melissa Serrano, 2019-2020

Sponsor: ProstheTech, South Bend, IN

ProstheTech is a startup based in South Bend creating affordable myoelectric prosthetic hands for amputees. A myoelectric-controlled prosthesis is an externally powered artificial limb is controlled through electrical signals naturally generated by moving muscles.
With 3D printing techniques and proprietary circuits, ProstheTech is able to produce a prosthetic hand for a tenth of the cost of competitors, allowing low income individuals access. ProstheTech’s solution uses Machine Learning so anyone can train the prosthesis and start using it 20 minutes to an hour after getting it, compared to current prosthetics which require weeks and months of physical therapy which costly and inconvenient.
At the moment, ProstheTech is in the early stages of product development focusing on testing. The goal is to create a final product and create a manufacturing plan, which entails finding a manufacturing facility and testing prototypes. My role at ProstheTech is to help bring their accessible, affordable and innovative myoelectric hand to market.