Student: Ryan Bliss, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Fathom, Dublin, Ireland

Fathom is working on LetsTalk. LetsTalk is a language learning website and ecosystem designed to be used by teachers and students. It will include the standard language learning features like pronouncing, listening, and translating vocab using speech-to-text and text-to-speech software. In addition, it will have conversational aspects allowing students to role play and talk with a chatbot. By enabling students to have a conversation both verbally and in writing with a computer, it will allow students to be able to practice their Spanish outside of class in non-Spanish speaking household. In addition with these conversations, students are able to learn grammar and use their vocab creating a more effective learning experience.

The proposed model of creating curriculum is to have teachers create a class and then push out the content to their students, similar to Google classroom. In addition, there will be the capability for teachers to share materials and work with other teachers to continually improve their courses. When a student finishes an activity, both the teacher and student will be able to see the results and compare it to their learning goals. Finally, LetsTalk will have available courses that will allow non students to learn a language via an app like a Duolingo and Mango.