Kanzo: The Future Of Commercial Rooftop Solar Racking

Student: Christopher Genco, 2014-2015

Sponsor: Kanzo, Inc., South Bend, IN

Commercial integration of solar panels has been a worldwide trend. Distribution center rooftops are excellent, unused, flat space which are perfect for solar panels. The Kanzo, Inc. is the sister company of Inovateus Solar, LLC and Logistick, Inc. Kanzo’s goal is to engineer a plastic solar panel racking system that would provide easy installation and optimum performance for commercial solar systems while also being cost effective. The focus of this project is to improve the design of the Kanzo Rack to pass UL certification, which would make the Kanzo rack the cost-effective leader in solar racking. Apart from the technology and design application, Kanzo, Inc. is in need of a full go-to-market strategy for the product. Intense research and engineering is required to improve the rack to pass UL certification, and to establish a new industry standard.