Medvisor: Medicine Information At Your Fingertip

Student: Robert Lis, 2014-2015

Sponsor: Prof. Christian Poellabauer - Computer Science , Notre Dame, IN

A significant problem with adhering to treatment regimens is that patients often do not understand or appreciate the benefits of medications, but they also do not easily understand how to interpret side effects or potential risks and problems. As a consequence, we have partnered with a company in Chicago (Communication Science) to develop a mobile app that will empower patients by allowing them to better understand their treatment, the obtained benefits, alternatives, side effects, etc. At the heart of the app is a feature that allows a user to search for medications and watch one or more videos that visualize in an entertaining way how the medication works and improves the health of the patient. The app also allows users to track their medication intake, investigate alternative treatment options, and learn to recognize side effects an adverse reactions. Finally, the app provides ways to appreciate the benefits of medications, e.g., by reminding the patient that certain impacts (weight loss, reduced swelling, reduced pain, etc.) may be due to the medications and may be signs that the medications are working properly. The current status of the project is that a prototype app for iOS is being developed and Communication Science has established initial conversations with potential clients, including health care providers, hospitals, and insurance companies.