Point of Sale Innovative Solutions

Student: Karl de Zoeten, 2016-2017

Small business owners have to be a jack of all trades. They need to deal with inventory, sales, customer relations, advertising, etc. This often means that other important business-related areas are neglected. The industry sponsor desires to make life easier for its small business customers in order to improve their commercial viability. The trend in society is towards digital developments that make business interactions easier and more user friendly and echnical solutions exist for age old problems. I will assist in finding ways to innovate on current technologies and develop new systems that will help small businesses achieve a more streamlined business process. A more effective process will save the small business owners’ time and their customers' money. Specifically the project sponsor's innovation team is looking at point of sale solutions to ease complications associated with sales and the collection of money. In order to discover the most effective way to ease this pain point it is vital to see what is most important to the small business owners and customers.