Student: Nate Sarabia, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Trek10, South Bend, IN

Trek10 specializes in leveraging the best tools and AWS managed services to design, build, and support cutting-edge solutions for clients. Trek10 focuses on a new way to build applications using an architecture called serverless computing. In serverless computing, companies are only charged when code is being executed, which leads to massive decreases in cost of building and maintaining the application. The goal of the capstone project is to first establish Trek10 Research and build Trek10 Expert Influencer Communities. There are very few serverless researchers, but Trek10 has an opportunity to make early connections and build more formal applied research programs. The next goal is to design a new financing model for serverless computing, which sets the bar and accelerates the design, build, and support of new serverless workloads. Finally, Trek10 plans to open Corporate Development Centers focused on establishing local presence in a few key strategic markets.