Compressor Maintenance Systems: Automating Maintenance of Compressor Machinery

Student: Jereme Murray, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Gast/Jun-Air (IDEX Corporation), Benton Harbor, MI

The Gast/Jun-Air Manufacturing thesis project consists of developing a business model and potential technology for maintenance improvements in compressor systems that Gast produces and distributes to a range of markets. Specifically, the project highlights desired improvements in technology for Jun-Air systems, which places an emphasis on noise reduction because they are used in laboratory and medical environments. Over the course of the ESTEEM year, work will be done to satisfy a detailed business model, evaluating potential markets and customers, channels, resources, and finances. The work completed will also verify the viability of the suggested technology by learning the existing compressors’ operations, evaluate the viability of various solutions, and developing an appropriate mock-up. By the end of the year, the project will contain a complete business plan for an optimized Jun-Air compressor system, which could be used going forward in developing and manufacturing the new technology into the existing commercial product.