Avanade - NextGenCyber

Student: Daniel Fritz, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Avanade, Seattle, WA, USA

With the explosion of digital business and the rapid evolution of the technology landscape, cybersecurity has become a central topic of discussion, especially for businesses adding new capabilities in response to the global pandemic. Chief Information Security Officers, or CISOs, are taking a new approach to cybersecurity measures—mainly by creating a stronger cyber defense framework that covers their Infrastructure, cloud, apps, and data. In addition, CISOs are working to leverage state of the art technology that best combats the prevalent and complex nature of cyber attacks. Because technology and cyber solutions are changing rapidly, Avanade’s NextGenCyber project aims to understand the trajectory of the technology landscape in order to understand how to best defend against the present and future state of cyber threats. Throughout the course of the project, I will assist Avanade with in-depth market analysis and technology research in order to develop a go-to-market strategy for a next generation cybersecurity offering.