Vector-Borne Disease Mitigation Strategies for Modern Facilities

Student: Mary Jennings, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Sloan Valve Company, Franklin Park, IL

Sloan Valve Company has always been working towards touchless restroom facilities. However, COVID-19 has definitely accelerated that process, as possible transmission of the virus is at the forefront of everyone’s concerns. Sloan Valve Company is developing new technologies and partnering with organizations to facilitate novel applications of existing technologies to create a safe experience in a public restroom. The restroom especially offers unique challenges in mitigating the spread, as it is a point of congestion with often uncontrolled airflows. The goal is finding solutions that are comfortable, usable, and adoptable in this changing environment. Solutions for this problem would involve finding ways to mitigate congestion, contain splashing, control airflow, and influence behavior in the restroom. I will be conducting customer interviews and market research to support how users will adapt to new restroom habits. With these insights, I will create a comprehensive strategy for how to facilitate a restroom experience that attenuates the spread of infectious diseases.