Investigating Markets for MTI’s Low Force Friction Welding Technique

Student: Margot Hughan, 2016-2017

Sponsor: Manufacturing Technology, Inc., South Bend, IN

Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI) based in South Bend, Indiana is the world-leader in friction welding technologies. Friction welding is superior to other joining techniques because it is a solid state forging process and thus does not compromise the material properties of the work piece through melting. However, friction welding is cost prohibitive to many companies, as it requires very expensive machinery and high energy costs. MTI’s low force friction welding technique has significantly reduced cost and force without decreasing quality. In this new technique, the work piece is preheated using conductive resistance. Because the piece is preheated, much lower speeds are required to reach the desired temperature. This greatly reduces the size and power of the machines which drastically reduces cost. I will be investigating companies that currently use lower quality welding techniques because of cost and perform comparative analysis on the quality of the bond to convince them to take advantage of MTI’s new technology and improve their product.