SRAM Event Experience and Management

Student: Brandon McNabb, 2020-2021

Sponsor: SRAM, Chicago, IL

SRAM is a leading bicycle component manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois, who continues to promote cycling through its products, its advocacy, and its employees, who are dedicated to improving the cycling experience. SRAM currently hosts a variety of engaging events around the world. However, the ROI and the impact of these events is still unclear. For this capstone project, I will be evaluating their events, trying to identify more effective ways to measure ROI, impact, and value delivered to riders. To do so, I will be conducting interviews and surveys with internal and external stakeholders, to understand the current state of events and then strategize for the future state of events. Through qualitative and quantitative research, the solution that is developed will help SRAM deliver more value to riders and drive more sales at their events.