Biofeedback for rehabilitation

Student: Jeff Riney, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Enlighten Mobility, South Bend, IN

Biofeedback rehabilitation is the technique of providing biological information to patients in real-time that would otherwise be unknown. This information can then be used as an educational tool to teach patients to regain control of actions they once thought to be performed automatically. Similar to the way an athlete trains for their sport, those who have developed a diminished proprioception must become aware before they can enhance, meaning reeducating process is essential for in order for them to benefit from treatments. Its application in rehabilitation can be seen in a variety of patient therapies including stroke patients, spinal cord injuries, and those with cardiovascular accidents. Working with Enlighten Mobility, I hope to develop a biofeedback mechanism using human motion tracking technologies along with virtual reality to create a more effective, motivational, and independent rehabilitation process for those with unilateral immobility.