OneParish/JS Paluch

Student: Daniel Gizachew, 2018-2019

Sponsor: OneParish

Running a parish is a very time-consuming task for all of those involved. For the parish priest, whose life revolves around the welfare of the parish, it can be frustrating to see lack of parishioner engagement across the board. For parish staff who desire communal growth, it can also be frustrating when tedious administrative duties, just to keep the church afloat, take up the majority of your time and you hardly ever get to focus on growing your ministry. OneParish is a Catholic, tech platform whose main goal is to raise the engagement level of Catholic parishioners across the U.S. and increase the ministerial activity of parishes across the board. OneParish is an app that streamlines faith-based learning resources, as well as administrative functions (i.e. donations). My role is to familiarize myself with the current technology so I can improve upon it and perform customer validation and market research to assess the level of satisfaction current users have with the OneParish platform.