Dermal application of high-frequency ultrasound

Student: Helga (Feiszthuber) Reguly, 2014-2015

Sponsor: Dr. Miklós Gyöngy

The number or people worldwide getting melanoma shows a dramatically increasing tendency and the early diagnosis of the disease is of high importance in order to prevent serious consequences associated with it. Ultrasound is the most widely used imaging tool in medicine today. Besides providing a safe, cheap, non-invasive general diagnostic method, ultrasound in the last few years has achieved a significant role in preoperative investigation of skin melanoma. The aim of the project is to develop a portable, wireless, easy-to-use high-frequency (~20 MHz) ultrasound device that is able to assist clinicians (dermatologists, surgeons) in providing quantitative diagnostic information of tumor parameters. These parameters include size, extension, margins and contours or internal structure that is complementary to visual inspection. Our hand-held device will also enable lesion diagnosis by teleradiology that can help the early diagnosis of melanoma.