PwC-Responsible AI

Student: Sally Lin, 2019-2020

Sponsor: PwC, London, United Kingdom

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology advances it’s changing how businesses and society function both on allowing businesses to be more efficient and also by maximizing the potentials in decision making. The growth of AI has brought concerns along with it as well, such as its impact on privacy, cybersecurity, inequality, employment, etc. PwC’s Responsible AI project focuses on these ethical issues revolved around Artificial Intelligence and want to invest more into these problems and ultimately provide a solution or guide for organizations on how to utilize AI technology responsibility with the unintended risks. This project will deliver in-depth market research on the current existing ethical issues of AI, current market trends related to AI, and current solutions to mitigate these ethical issues. And after compiling all data, suggestions will be given on how to better inform organizations on the unintended consequences of AI.