The application of bots, virtual assistants and AI in a data-rich application environment

Student: Xi "Cecilia" Xia, 2020-2021

Sponsor: BI Incorporated, Boulder, CO

TotalAccess® is a secure, web-based software that assists more than 1,400 correctional agencies with quality case management tools 24x7. Massive data collected from all kinds of sensors including GPS bracelets and alcohol monitoring devices, has put a heavy cognitive load on officers’ daily work. Due to the complex technical nature of most components of the system, it is possible for the officers to miss signals or misinterpret data. But this would expose the agency or community to unacceptable risks or miss opportunities to lead the supervised individual to a successful program completion. BI Lab, the R&D department of BI Inc., is putting efforts into making use of AI-based technology like bots and virtual assistants to reduce the cognitive load expected from officers who have no data science background. Our task is to help reduce errors, mitigate risks and improve efficiencies. It will be a virtual assistant at an enterprise level. We transform data to information and improve the process efficiency.