Bioluminescent Plants: Lighting a Path to Commercial Opportunity

Student: Benjamin Kelty, 2016-2017

Sponsor: Gleaux, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Sustainable Energy is one of the biggest areas of concern in modern day science. Gleaux Inc. has taken a giant leap forward to help reduce the energy consumption of the future with their starlight avatar, the world’s first bioluminescent plant that glows autonomously with no need for additives and which will glow throughout the lifetime of the plant. Already the plants created by this company have the light emitting power of a nightlight while bringing all the benefits of a plant to a household such as natural air purification all the while requiring no electricity. The company hopes to continue to expand the power of luminescence of their plants as well as expand which types of plants that they make bioluminescent with the ultimate goal of creating bioluminescent trees capable of providing street lighting. The biggest problem for the company itself right now is getting itself known and getting off the ground. I will be helping to solve this problem by investigating potential markets and helping to determine marketing and design strategies. In addition I will help with proposals for which new types of plants the company plans on producing.